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乳化劑 S-40
一、 別名 斯盤 -40 ;Span-40; 山梨醇酐單棕櫚酸酯
二、 英文名稱: Emulsifier S-40
三、分子式 C 22 H 43 O 6
四、分子量 403.56
五、性質 外觀為黃至黃色蠟狀固體,少量溶于異丙醇、二甲苯、在四氯乙烯中呈渾濁狀,不溶于水,在水中分散呈乳狀溶液。 HLB 為 6.7 。
外觀 黃至黃色蠟狀固體
酸值 /(mg KOH/g) ≤ 8
皂化值 /(mg KOH/g) 140~150
羥基值 /(mg KOH/g) 225~290
熔點 / ℃ 45 ± 3
水份 /% ≤ 2.0
七、用途 在醫藥、化妝品、紡織工業中用作乳化劑和分散劑。此外還可用作印刷油墨的乳化劑,在聚合中對乳液有穩定的乳化效果。
八、包裝及貯存 凈重 25kg 編織袋內襯薄膜袋包裝,宜在通風、陰涼處貯存。
Emulsifier S-40(Span-40)
1.Molecular formula : Emulsifier S-40
2.Molecular weight : 403.56
3.Characteristics :This product is a kind of wax-like soled with its color ranging from snuff color to brown , Without dissolving in water , it disperses in it to form milky solution. Its HLB is 6.7
4. Quality standard
Outward appearance:Wax-like solid with the color ranging from yellow to brown
Acid value/(mg KOH/g) ≤ 7 Saponification value/(mg KOH/g) 140~150
Hydroxide radicle value/(mg KOH/g) 255~290
Melting point / ℃ 45 ± 3
Moisture content/% ≤ 2.0
5. Usage: This product is mainly used in textile as well as pharmacutical industry. It can be used as emulsifier and disperser in cosmetic and printing ink . In polymerization it can also stabilize emulsion effectively.
6. Package and storage: This product, with its net weight 25 kg ,should be packed in plastic film package with inner weave bag . You are advised to keep it in airiness and coolness.
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